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Please feel free to submit your truck...

Here is where you have a chance to have your truck on my site. Just send me a pic, with a short description, story, or any cool info or background, and I will post your truck! Space is limited, and I don't know how long it will take this to fill up, so don't wait. Below is an example...

Year, model, package.

Your short description, story, background.

Sean's '89 MJ

This is Sean's 89 MJ.  He found his MJ online in California.  He flew out from Illinois to San Diego and drove it all the way home.  It has a three inch Rancho lift, 4:10 gears, 31in BFG A/T's, 4.0 ltr, and AX15 tranny.  He has plans for a lift, and new paint job.

Good lookin' MJ Sean!

Carmine's '88 Pioneer
Carmine has an '88 Pioneer 2wd 2.5L 5-speed.  Carmnie picked up the MJ after a fire had taken out everything under the hood. The truck has 135,000 miles on it and going strong.  
It has a bedliner and tinted windows.
Carmine says that the truck will be kept pretty much stock, since original MJ's are getting harder and harder to find... A 4x4 MJ is on the horizon though, and Carmine has an eye on another '88. 
I really like the color, don't see many in that hue. Awesome looking truck Carmine!
Pete's '89 Pioneer

According to Pete, his 88 began the addiction. It was fun as a 2wd, but after the Peugeot self-destructed, he decided a 4wd conversion was in order. He used an AX-15 and NP-231 from a 99 TJ and axles from a 78 Bronco. Then he added custom bumpers, 33" trXus MTs, and a plethora of other mods. 

Not only does Pete have this MJ, but like me, one isn't enough. He also has an '86, and an '89.

Here is his picture page, for a history of his build up, and some good wheelin' pics. http://www.picturetrail.com/petermontie

Awesome project Pete, maybe sometime we can meet up at the Badlands.


Tony's '88 MJ

It's a 1988 pioneer 5speed 4.0. He's put 3" springs in the front with a 2.5 spacer, and a S.O.A. in the back. It has a custom drive shaft in the rear. The roll bar and push bar he made himself. He is running 33x12.5-15R Yokohama Geolanders on M/T 15x10 wheels. It's also got around 800 watts of music power, because in Tony's words, "You gotta have noise". He said the only thing left would be a small block Chevy motor, with a better trans.

Lookin' good Tony!