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------ Favorite hideouts ------

Check out my favorite sites.

Here you can find where I spend my time. About 95% of the time you can find me at the yahoo comanche group, and jumping to check my mail. The other 5% I spend looking for new products for my truck, like a new lift, or anything new and interesting. If it deals with comanche's, I am there. I posted the link to the yahoo group site(highly recomend) and a few other places I regularly go. 

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Favorite Sites

Yahoo comanche group.


A good place to check up on your cars recalls, and TSB's.


Good site to find a part. It searches all participating junkyards.


Here is a good site to find a project jeep.

Rusty's Offroad

This is where I got my lift. A very good company.

Rick J's Jeep site.

 A good site, but I am not going to put the actual link in until Rick makes the public release.